O.A.R. Releases ‘Love Is Worth The Fall’

August 12th, 2009

Anyone who picked up the deluxe version of the Twilight soundtrack that was released last March should now be familiar the Twilight-inspired song by O.A.R. ‘Love Is Worth the Fall.’ The song is now available on iTunes, so if you didn’t get the deluxe then you can still get the song on its own here:

O.A.R.’s Marc Roberge sent the following describing his experience with writing the song for Twilight:

“After Catherine showed me early cuts of Twilight I left Los Angeles with my imagination spinning and only one sentence written in my notes, “If he could only read her mind.”  Would that make this improbable love any easier? ‘Love Is Worth The Fall’ is about the sacrifices we are willing to make for even the chance at true love.  It is a song written to grow dynamically wider and more full from beginning to end just as the story of Edward and Bella starts with a glance only to become deeper with every passing day.  We wanted to put to music this epic love story we saw on screen.”

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