OK Go are Team Edward

January 13th, 2010

During an interview with Heeb Magazine, Tim Nordwind of OK Go revealed he’s on Team Edward! OK Go featured on the New Moon Soundtrack with their song ‘Shooting The Moon’, so Heeb Magazine quizzed them on their loyalty to the characters.

“I have to admit, I still haven’t seen Twilight, but I did enjoy New Moon. It was an entertaining watch for sure, and I can see why it appeals to kids of all ages. I think if I were to pick, I’m probably Team Edward, if I had to really choose. I find Jacob to be a little bit whiny (and I’m not speaking of Taylor Lautner as a person, I’m just talking about his character). There’s just something about Jacob’s neediness that I just find somewhat annoying. Edward sort of seems to have his shit together a little more, or at least he plays it much cooler than Jacob. I sort of respect him for that. Plus, I think vampires are a little bit cooler than werewolves.”

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